Dan really is a great guy to work with, very driven and motivated – it’s quite infectious! Dan isn’t afraid to ask questions and is constantly seeking to learn and to better himself which I find to be a really great quality. When it comes to writing, he has a really accessible conversational tone to his articles which makes them all the more engaging. If you are looking for excellent writing and someone who is a pleasure to work with, Dan’s your man!

- Sam Bragg

Digital Marketing Consultant
Daniel was driven, detailed-oriented and a good writer. His main tasks were to write summaries of news stories and to share it in social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. He has extensive knowledge and personal interest in International and U.S. news and politics which was perfect for the job at Newsvoice. I would recommend Daniel ​because of his professionalism and social skills.

- Oscar Hedwall

Co-Founder, Newsvoice
I highly recommend Daniel Bliss as a candidate for employment. Daniel was working from June to July 2017 as an intern for Newsvoice.com, a tech startup in Stockholm. Daniel was primarily responsible for writing summaries of news stories for our news app, but also did a number of longer pieces. Daniel is excellent in written English and quick at picking up new tasks. He is very reliable, and always delivered high quality work in a timely manner.

- Viktor Lidholt

CEO/Founder, Newsvoice

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Coming out of college I was told “get a job.  Any job that will give you a paycheck.”  I followed that advice for a while and ended up working jobs that gave me a paycheck, but left me knowing I could do so much more.  When I was just a kid I became passionate about writing and knew that was the career I wanted to follow.  I took some risks and went to Stockholm, Sweden to work as a content writer at a exciting young company called Newsvoice.  After moving on from Sweden I moved to Berlin and dove into the world of freelance writing.

I’ve developed a conversational way of writing about politics, sports, travel, and current events.  Readers love my style because its easy to understand and accessible.  Clients want my style because it brings readers to their sites and drives traffic.

Over the course of my young professional career I’ve dedicated myself to learning the types of skills and styles clients want out of their content writers.


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